Monday, 21 November 2011

start filming second week

Today we  start filming for second week for our news package project. We collected the camera and we went to the pub near the college to take some shot for our GVs. Firstly we asked the pub owner for permission of filming but the pub owner didn't give us permission to film the pub. We decided to go to the corner shop of Barlow more road and shot some GVs there if we get permission of filming. We went to the corner shop on Barlow more road and we ask the shop keeper for permission of shooting some GVs and the shop keeper gave us permission to film.
We started filming some shots and i was in charge of camera and i took some shots.

  • Pan shot 
  • Tilt shot 
  • still shot
IN the time of recording I used hand held camera.
We were as a group of.
* Luke
Imogen was in on the morning time but we did not start filming in the morning so afternoon time Imogen wasn't in. We had to film without her today.

Our plan for next week is to start filming Fred when he goes to the off license shop to buy alcohol and also when he drink alcohol.

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